7th Chennai Coastal Cleanup – June 19

Join hands to clean 25 Km of Chennai beaches!

Come June 19th and the Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) will be organising the 7th edition of the Chennai Coastal Cleanup (CCC7).

This is one of the club’s key events where almost every CTC-ian gathers to take a pledge to move towards a garbage-free Chennai.

CTC passes a strong message on environmental awareness through the initiative. It has organized six editions of Coastal Clean Ups since its inception and partnered with the Chennai Corporation in its last edition.

Countdown to Event

This event is now over.

The ambitious target for the coming day is to collect garbage from 25 km of Chennai beaches with 10000 plus volunteers – individuals, corporates, schools and NGOs who will join hands together to create a strong message of environmental awareness within the community.

Coordination of this massive clean up operation will be done by a volunteer team of the Chennai Trekking Club comprised of 300 plus members. They will coordinate with both groups and individual volunteers at over 15 target beach zones and lakes in Chennai & other cities.CCC&

About CTC

The Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) started in the year 2008 with a small group of enthusiastic trekkers. Today, with a member count of more than 30,000 members, the Chennai Trekking Club has become one of the largest and most active outdoor groups.

CTC is a non-profit group, run by volunteers who share a common passion and love for nature and the outdoors. They organize a number of outdoor events across South India almost every weekend of the year. These include trekking, cycling, swimming, running, marathons, triathlons, clean-ups, plantation activities, and so on.

CTC strives hard to preserve and create a better environment for today as well as for tomorrow. CTC’s close touch with nature has led its enthusiastic participants to take various initiatives in preserving the environment.

The major social activities of CTC include Clean-up of the Chennai coast and river banks, plantation activities, rehabilitation works, waste management and terrace gardening.  CTC has taken efforts to take more than 2000 underprivileged children on 49 treks. It also organizes workshops on first-aid, photography, mapping and navigation and many more.

CTC is proud to have a bunch of very dedicated and humane volunteers who have worked on rescue efforts at various levels for a number of people who were affected by the Chennai Floods in the year 2015.

Wings of CTC

Ainthinai is CTC’s green wing that works on various initiatives to make the world a green planet. Ainthinai focuses on tree plantation, terrace gardening & waste management initiatives in Chennai & Pondicherry.

Chennai Red Knights is CTC’s blood donation initiative that was initiated with the sole purpose of providing blood during emergencies and also to cater to the need of blood banks.

CESAW is CTC’s Environment and Social Awareness Wing that works on a number of initiatives such as knowledge sharing & workshops on environmental protection, awareness creation and other pro-social activities.

Since 2014, a number of regional NGOs have joined CTC in cleaning various lakes and rivers. Thus was born India Clean Sweep, which is the name that the group gave to their cleaning efforts outside Chennai.

So! see you on Sunday!

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