Webinar alert: Is Chennai Metro the future of public transport in the city or a white elephant?

Public transport in Chennai

Chennai Metro: With CUMTA functional the various modes of transport will be making strategic decisions to improve mobility in the city
Despite the presence of various modes of public transport like the MRTS, metro or the public buses, commuters and the residents in the city still face various challenges in the form of traffic congestions, lack of last mile connectivity or even with regard to the coverage of these modes of transport not being extensive enough. Pic: CMRL

There have been various developments around public transport systems in the city over the past year. 

The work on Chennai Metro Phase 2 has been underway for a few months, with stations and lines coming up across the city. The proposal to merge the MRTS with CMRL has also moved forward with assent from the government. 

The Metro’s rapid development has meant various traffic roadblocks in the city as the necessary infrastructure is being put in place. There have also been issues with the CMRL taking over green spaces such as Thiru Vi Ka Park and Panagal Park. 

In addition to annoyance over the above niggles, the most important and vocal question that dominates discourse around the Metro is this: with its presence in the city for close to a decade now, how has the system integrated into Chennai’s public transport landscape?

How close is it to its target ridership?

What are the issues that prevent more riders from taking to the Metro rail, and is that likely to change with Phase 2?

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Meanwhile, the MTC has launched a slew of initiatives such as free travel for women and apps for live tracking. The city’s bus service has had significant financial issues due to COVID and has long struggled to expand and maintain its fleet and introduce new services.

Is the bus system, which ferries more people, being neglected in favour of the Metro? 

What are the sticky issues around public transport in the city that needs to be addressed immediately?

Is there an overestimation of the importance of what the metro offers to the city?

What is the status of the bus services and how can it be improved?

Citizen Matters brings together a panel to examine these questions and more.

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Webinar on issues with public transport in Chennai.

Date: July 29, Friday

Time: 6 pm – 7 pm

To register:


  • Aswathy Dilip, South Asia Director, ITDP
  • G Ananthakrishnan, Journalist
  • Ramarao Venkatramanarao, Convenor, Traffic and Transportation Forum
  • Krishna Parthasarathy, Metro user
  • G Balakumar, Bus user

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