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Meera K, a former resident of Chennai reminisces her days in Radhakrishnan Nagar.

“This was the view from my house in the neighbourhood was once part of the Thiruvanmiyur temple land. The palmyra trees were the ‘fence’ making up the eastern periphery of IMPCOMS campus, which  was full of snakes. The empty land used to be rice fields. During monsoons, the entire area would flood as the clay soil would not let the water seep through. Power would go off for days together. The kerosene lamps, mosquitoes and the sound of frogs croaking away always remind me of those rainy days.”


Celebrating the life and times of the man who knew infinity

A peek inside the Ramanujan Museum, which houses intriguing artefacts and memorabilia from the life of one of the world’s most renowned mathematicians.

Celebrating Madras Day with fascinating facts about the city

Did you know Chennai had freezing temperatures in the summer of 1815 because of weather changes caused by a volcanic eruption in a distant land? A special quiz as part of continuing Madras week celebrations in Chennai throws up remarkable facts and trivia about the city.

Why celebrate Chennai?

As Madras Week draws closer, historian V Sriram talks of the various reasons to celebrate the city.

What is Kasimedu’s connection to the Vijayanagara Empire?

In the last of our articles celebrating Madras Day, read all about the bustling fish market at Kasimedu and its connection to the Vijayanagara empire

Come to St George’s Cathedral, where time stands still on a bustling road

Just beyond the mad rush of Gemini Circle is a haven of quiet, lending its name to the road it is situated in — the St. George’s Cathedral, the Mother Church of the Diocese of Madras. Take a stroll through its cool interiors on a sunny afternoon

How much do you know about TN’s social justice movement?

A heritage tour through the spots that helped shape the social justice movement in Chennai and Tamil Nadu throws up some interesting nuggets from history. Did you know all about these?

The famous red building of Kilpauk and its forgotten connection

As the city celebrates Madras Day (Week), a resident remembers her favourite ‘red building’ — the Kilpauk Water Works, which stands as an example of engineering brilliance to this day. But is it merely a part of our colonial legacy, or is there more to it?

50000 books, rare memorabilia and just three employees: Why Madras Literary Society needs Chennai

One of the the oldest subscription libraries in the world, Chennai’s literary treasure trove is critically short of hands required for maintenance. As we celebrate Madras Day, would you consider volunteering for the cultural wonderland that is MLS?

Chennai historian Sriram is 75… walks old!

Well known historian Sriram V talks about his journey from Walk 1 to Walk 75, his love for Chennai and its heritage, and what he thinks we must do to conserve it better