Zero-waste packaging: Help CAG build a list of shops that avoid plastic


Plastic bags continue to be used widely by shopkeepers and consumers
Plastic packaging waste can be minimised if consumers carry their own containers and bags, and shops agree to fill those with the stuff bought, instead of handing out plastic bags. Pic: Laasya Shekhar

Are you fed up with buying plastic-laden things and looking to change? Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group (CAG), an NGO based in Chennai, will shortly be launching an app, Go Zero Waste, that seeks to list shops across Tamil Nadu and even India, where you can shop plastic-free. This app will serve as a resource for those citizens keen to break free from the convention and habit of using plastic, and help them find local shops that avoid plastic packaging. 

As the first step to sharing this invaluable resource, CAG is crowdsourcing information on the shops through this form and calling on all citizens to take a few minutes to share information on shops that are involved in zero-waste packaging.

It could be your local meat shop who is happy to refill your utensil or a grocery that sells rice in bulk and will pack it for you in paper or in the box you bring and so on.

Not just package-free shopping, but conscious consumerism should lead the way. Picture: Nithya T
Not just package-free shopping, but conscious consumerism should lead the way. Picture: Nithya T

“We have all seen messages asking us to take a cloth bag to the store. In addition, we can just take a few empty containers and refill at least some products and thus reduce our plastic waste,” suggests Vamsi Sankar Kapilavai, Senior Researcher, CAG.

“By simply asking my local rice shop if they would refill my plastic bottles, I have been able to reduce my plastic waste. Other shops too were open to the idea,” adds Sumana Narayanan, Senior Researcher, CAG. 

The form is also being shared regularly on social media under the handle @CAGChennai.

For further information email CAG at:

(This article is based on a Press Release by CAG and has been republished here with minimal edits.)

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