Event: Citizen Clinic – Addressing civic issues in Chennai

Participatory problem-solving

Namma Chennai App
Namma Chennai app is one of the avenues through which citizens can register complaints on civic issues. Pic: CSCL

Chennai is seen as a land of opportunities and has much to offer for those who reside here. Despite attracting many people from other parts of the state and country with hopes of a better future, life in Chennai is not a bed of roses. Many civic issues in Chennai such as bad roads, flooding and pollution make daily life difficult.

As the city grows, these issues become more significant and affect a large section of the population. But Chennaiites are not entirely powerless when it comes to finding solutions that can help make the city better.

From the Namma Chennai app to area sabhas, there are various avenues through which residents can seek recourse.

Repeated digging of roads for laying pipes and cables has been a waste of resources. Pic: Raghukumar Choodamani
Otteri nullah garbage
Vast amounts of household waste are dumped in and alongside the Nullah. Pic: Shobana Radhakrishnan

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Solving civic problems in Chennai

Citizen Matters Chennai is organising a Citizen Clinic to help understand how Chennaiites can use the platforms available to them to solve civic issues.

The clinic will provide answers on whom to approach to fix civic issues and how best to make your voices heard. A panel will share best practices and personal experiences in solving problems that affect daily life in Chennai.

Date: February 22, 2023

Time: 6 pm – 7 pm

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You can share your questions with us via this form.

Those who have shared their questions will receive an invitation to the virtual meeting of the panel to brainstorm solutions.

Some of the questions that will be addressed

  • Who is the right person to contact to solve civic issues in a neighbourhood?
  • Which is the right platform to share civic grievances?
  • How to follow up on their actions?
  • How to escalate the grievance if action is not taken to resolve it?
  • How to use social media and other media platforms to get civic issues solved?

The discussion will also be live-streamed on YouTube.

A summary of the discussion and video recording will be shared on our website.

We invite you to share your thoughts and suggestions on how Chennaiites can work together to improve life in the city for all.

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