Brand new experience on the cards for shoppers at Pondy Bazaar: A visual depiction


The wide footpaths of the pedestrian plaza have been designed to provide an unhindered walking experience. Pic: Mahesh V

Pondy Bazaar in Chennai has always been and will remain an evergreen destination. Visitors to the buzzing area can now look forward to new ways of experiencing it, thanks to the ‘Pedestrian Plaza’ project that prioritises pedestrians, especially children, the elderly and other vulnerable users. The Pedestrian Plaza is bound to attract more locals and foreigners, boost the economy and above all, enhance the identity of this shopping hub.

This is the first infographic-based blog of a four-part series on how the Pedestrian Plaza project has transformed Thyagaraya Nagar.

(Conceptualised and Designed by Kawin Kumaran, Aishwarya Soni; Content created by Nashwa Naushad, AV Venugopal; Photographs by TD Achuthan)

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  1. T Nagar is a bit congested to my comfort though I like to visit T nagar for its restaurant and Resto bars. Hope they plan this place well after all the volume such a small place does may but bigger “Cities” to shame.

  2. …And in true Indian style, one can already find rows of scooters and bikes parked in these wide beautiful walkways… No concern or civic sense from motorists on how to let pedestrians use the area… Was there last month when the work was in full swing…

  3. When you cannot control why at all experiment. It is clear that the wide platforms will be misused by hawkers and for parking vehicles esp two wheelers and the narrowed road will increase accidents. In near future, I am sure platform width will be cut to increase the road width as this plan will never work good for discipline lacking population and lethargy of law enforcers.

  4. Sir, Infront of Five Star Appts, Padi Kuppam Road, Division 90, Zone 07, Anna Nagar west more than 20 feet is gone waste for dumping garbage, parking, open urinals etc. Many officials including IAS officers from GCC has visited the spot. I have logged several somplaints online, CM Cell, PMO , Governor but no one took actin so far. otherwise this 1 Km strech will benefit 9000 + families in this residential neighbourhood.

  5. Public money is squandered by this unwarranted development. In just one year from the date of dedication, it will become another Koyambedu. The traders in the area will take over the area, they will demand one way traffic initially and later want the traffic to be completely banned so that it can become another Ranganathan Street. Civic authorities under pressure will not be able to any thing. Someone will approach court and wait for these things to happen. The kind of money spent here could have been spent on other areas brought under the extended areas of Greater Chennai Corporation.

  6. Two wheelers parked on wide platform. Road is like meter guage track with cars parked below the platform. Movement of vehicles like a snail

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