Watch how this group of Chennai kids are cleaning up Besant Nagar!


Garbage it seems has become an unavoidable part of our lives. However, we can reduce the amount we generate. A few months ago, 11 of us, all part of the Grandma & Grandpa’s International Early Learning Center’s Leadership Development Series, were discussing cleanliness of cities and their waste problems, and decided to go on a walk around our neighbourhood to understand how clean it actually is.

While walking we came across piles of garbage on the streets everywhere and overflowing from the bins! We were overwhelmed to see so much waste and this caused a switch to flick in all of us. We did not want to be living amongst garbage anymore. We quickly put our heads together and came up with a plan to clean up our streets.

Our plan is called “Swachh Besant Nagar.” Our team put together posters, wrote letters and made presentations to the residents, talked to vendors, watchmen, traffic policemen, temple goers, people in the slums and all other people who passed by Rukmani Road area.

We are happy to note that the condition of the roads is improving gradually and that we have been able to change the behaviour of some people by touching their hearts.



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13-year-old Mallika Kumar is an active participant in several social initiatives. She loves books and enjoys dancing, baking, hiking and trekking.