Nagpur, Kolkata or Panruti — where do the veggies you cook everyday come from?


The Koyambedu Vegetable Market is set to open on September 28th. Pic: Sri Loganathan

“Valayapatti Murungakaa enhances the taste of your Sambar. A bundle of ten costs only Rs 40,” tempts a vendor, as she quickly spreads out drumsticks on a clean mat in the Koyambedu vegetable market. She greets fellow vendors and they exchange hopes of good business for the day. 

As day breaks, this is a common scene at the market. Vegetables from across the country reach Koyambedu, one of Asia’s largest perishable goods market, before the first light of dawn. Vendors arrange the veggies on mats, write the daily price on a slate and call out to customers, often luring them with the quality of vegetables. But while the price and quality are known to all, what we often don’t know is where these come from.

Just like the Valayapatti Drumstick that reaches the market from Valayapatti village in Virudhunagar district, every vegetable has a fascinating journey before it reaches the market and from there, your kitchen. Have you ever wondered where the veggies on your plate were initially grown?

Take a look at this video as it tells you that and much more about the veggies you get in Koyambedu!

[with inputs from Laasya Shekhar]

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