Chennai Buzz: Even amid IPL, Defence Expo and PM visit, city sees red over Cauvery issue


Chepauk Stadium, 2013. Pic: Rohith Riaz/CC BY-SA 3.0

Action inside and outside Chepauk; CSK team and IPL fans disappointed with turn of things

On an otherwise normal day, with the Chennai Super Kings staging a comeback, the city of Chennai would be bleeding yellow. But the day for which all cricket fanatics in the city had been waiting for, turned into an ugly battle ground with fringe groups staging demonstrations and calling for cancellation of the match.

High drama was witnessed as some of the protestors shouting slogans for cancellation of the match in support of the Cauvery Management Board broke barricades. To control the situation, the police had to lathi charge the protestors and take swift action which further aggravated the protestors.  While most of the netizens seemed to be supporting the protestors, a sizeable section of them criticised the way the fans were targeted by the protestors.

CSK fans wearing yellow jerseys were made to remove them, and in extreme situations, lewd comments were passed at the girl fans.  Despite the tense situation, when the match finally happened amidst tight security, CSK team gave the fans a victory to rejoice the comeback.

However following the tension and ugly incidents, the IPL management decided to move all Chennai matches to other cities due to security reasons. But it is not just the CSK fans, but the yellow team too that has an emotional bonding with Chennai and its fans. The CSK team that had been silent on the day of the protest, took to social media to express their disappointment on the news of the shift in venue.

Sources: | Essentially Sports

When “#GobackModi”  became the top trend

A day after the Chepauk chaos, political parties and the fringe groups shifted focus to the airport to condemn the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  Clad in black shirts and with black flags, black balloons, the protestors ensured that they leave no stone unturned to convey their message.

The entire police machinery worked over time to ensure that there was no repeat of the Chepauk incidents. Traffic snarls restricted movements near the airport, and Modi took a chopper to reach the venue. It must have been an unusual experience for the PM to visit a place without receiving even a wave of hands or an arousing welcome.

Modi’s visit also created controversy over compromising on the green space in IIT Madras, home to many animals, as a makeshift helipad was created so that the PM need not travel on the roads where protesters had congregated.  To avoid confrontation with the protestors, a shortcut to reach the Adyar Cancer Institute was worked on. The wall that separates Adyar Cancer Institute and the Children’s Park was demolished. The makeshift helipad was close to the reserved forest area upsetting nature lovers, who pointed that the arrangements would cause great stress and discomfort for the animals in their natural habitat in the forest area.

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Chennai hosts Asia’s biggest international defence expo

Defence Minister Ms Nirmala Seetharaman inaugurated the Defence Expo on April 10th at Chennai. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the “Make in India” Pavilion at the International Defence Expo that is being held in the outskirts of Chennai from 10th April till 14th April.  The Defence Expo is Asia’s biggest international land, naval and homeland security system Expo, with major global and domestic firms showcasing the latest weaponry.

The Expo will also be open to public on 14th and 15th April. The entry is free and visitors will have to carry original proof of identity and will undergo a tight security check.

Source: NDTV

Adenovirus affects city kids, doctors says it is unusual for the time of the year

City hospitals have been seeing an increase in the number of unusual viral infections affecting the city kids, giving them pink eyes and respiratory diseases. The cause for this highly contagious air-borne viral infection may be conjunctivitis, cold, sore throat and fever.  A weak immune system or an existing respiratory disorder are highly prone to developing more severe infection, although it might not be fatal for many.

The increase is unprecedented,” said Dr S Balasubramanian, medical director of Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital.

“The virus doesn’t respond to medication. We only provide supportive treatment,” said Dr Indira Jayakumar, senior consultant, paediatric intensive care unit, Apollo Children’s Hospital.

Source: The Indian Express

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