Kotturpuram schoolkids’ mural on school wall is much more than a work of art


Students working on a new section of the school wall. Pic : Meenakshi Ramesh

The compound wall of the AMM Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Kotturpuram was as bad as any other compound wall in the city, till a few months ago. The wall was filled with political posters, making it an eyesore.  

Some time last year, three 10th grade students – Ritvik Roy, Siddharth Kumar and Sai Muthuraman thought their school compound wall urgently needed a facelift. In the words of Ritvik, he and his friends were fed up with political posters all over and they wanted to replace it with something meaningful.

Thus an idea took shape in the mind of Ritvik to paint the wall, and to do so on a broad environmental theme that would give out a strong message to the passers-by.

The school Principal and his art teacher supported the idea. Thus, the three boys did their first wall painting depicting the environmental impact of deforestation.

Impressed with the outcome, the authorities and students got together to help this small idea of drawing on the walls evolve into something bigger and beautiful. In the months that followed, the school supported many other interested students in painting on the walls, and soon, the entire compound wall became a canvas for art loving students.

Today, if you pass by the school, you will see over 10 art works on this stretch, each one better than the other. They are on different themes – environment, cleanliness, spirituality, dance, sports etc, but each carrying a strong message.

Here are some photos from the visual treat that the compound wall of AMM Matriculation Higher Secondary School has become.

A portion of the once ugly compound wall of AMM Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Kotturpuram, now carries the message of cleanliness. School children have painted these walls. Pic: Akshatha M
This is how the entire compound wall was before it was painted. It was ugly to say the least, with posters of politicians pasted everywhere. This is a segment of the wall that is now being painted (see featured image). Pic: Akshatha M


Each painting gives out a strong message. Pic: Akshatha M
These amazing paintings drawn by school students have adorned the wall of AMM School, right behind Kotturpuram bus stop. Pic: Akshatha M
The famous ‘Kaavi’ art has adorned the compound wall of AMM School. Pic: Akshatha M
Yet another wall art spreading awareness on clean India. Pic: Akshatha M
The spiritual side of the compound wall. Pic: Akshatha M
Students have made this art work promoting sports. Pic: Akshatha M
Yet another art work on the compound wall. Pic: Akshatha M
Save trees, save earth. Pic: Akshatha M
What is happening to the earth, as seen by the school students. Pic: Akshatha M
Perspectives. Pic: Akshatha M
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  1. Oh, wow! I am a sixty-seven year old retired teacher, and am going to reverse mores. I am going to stand up when these children enter the room to show MY respect for them and love of course!

    I feel frustrated, helpless, hopeless and even ashamed at these generations, whom I too have had a role in educating. Increasingly I have felt that I am participating in an exercise that contributes nothing towards the individual’s and the vaster communities’ well being. Now I must thank these children for the best gift for this and any Teachers’ Day. – the restitution of faith in our little ones and the future of our home planet.

    Also I will give an “Excellent” for the art-work – imagination, visualization, themes, lines, colours, depth, proportions, variety, and efficacy in carrying the message. Some of the best I have seen.

    Thank you again for rebirth of Hope.

  2. Hello
    My name is Akshay s
    i am pursuing my bcom in st Joseph’s college of commerce
    We are the nss team of sjcc, this year we have hired a primary govt Tamil school , as a mission to renovate the whole school because of the worst condition of that school. And we have bad unpainted walls in that school so if your community can help us in painting that wall with some fairy tails it will very great help from your side. Pls can you help us.. .
    …. AKSHAY

    • Akshay, where is the school? Please contact
      Purushothaman at Bhoomika Trust and provide details.

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